jacinta & steve

Jacinta and Steve got in contact with me early last year, after I had photographed the wedding of their friends Olivia and Lucas (remember them?!).  Lucas was even to be one of Steve’s groomsmen, so I was more than stoked to be asked to come along and join the party again!

Now, when you’ve planned your wedding in a beautiful bush reserve, a wet weather forecast isn’t exactly welcome news. However, it didn’t deter Jacinta and Steve.  Neither did the looming black clouds that hid the sun away before the ceremony, or the rain itself when it finally broke and came down as they signed their official papers mid-ceremony.

But what a pay off!  The sun broke back through the clouds in time for the end of their ceremony and some stellar portrait time.   I would like it to be noted that during portrait time I had the words “Photograph our bums! ” yelled at me (A+ for body positivity, ladies); and that Steve and his groomsmen specifically asked that I make them look like a boy band.  You’re the boss, Steve!

I can’t imagine a universe in which anyone wouldn’t want the kind of setting they had for their special day – moody sunlight, beautiful, old trees and an emerald green grass floor at their feet completely covered in wildflowers.  It was really only the absence of doe-eyed, speaking woodland creatures that assured me that this was in fact reality and not an actual fairytale.

Jacinta and Steve, their family and friends were all so full of love, joy and mischief.  I had a great boogie and heard the best maid-of-honour speech I think I may ever hear in my lifetime.  They’re a truly special bunch and their warmth and happiness made a great wedding an extraordinary one.

So please, feast your eyes on the visual buffet that was the wedding of Jacinta and Steve!

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