emma & matt

I’d been looking forward to shooting at Stones of the Yarra Valley since Emma and Matt met with me to talk about the plans for their wedding day.  I had been mapping out how the day would run with Emma for months and in my mind I could already see the rich, sun kissed photos I would take of the two of them floating around that lush space.  Imagine my dismay when we were hit with a severe thunderstorm right as Emma and Matt left the chapel.  Never mind the group photo, all our other photo plans went right down the drain with all of that rain!

Emma and Matt were definitely the most relaxed people when it began to rain.  “You know what? We’re married. We’re happy.”  And that’s what it’s all about folks!

What I will say for the rain is that the cloud-cover does make for some seriously moody photographs and honestly I think it matched the venue.  And although the French tea garden furniture settings Emma had arranged were drenched and out of action, the work that Emma and Blooming Brides did inside was simply stunning.  Orchards and greenery draping from chandeliers over the running tables made being stuck inside due to the weather a blessing.

Details to note are Matt’s velvet suit, the matching family crest rings Emma had made for them to honour her late father, and Emma’s blush pink suede Louboutins (spoiler: they got real dirty in that rain but I’ve met with Emma since and seen the shoes – they survived!)

Working with Emma and Matt was an absolute pleasure and I’d happily do it again (you know, next time they get married to each other)!  Emma, I’ll be around again sometime soon for more tea and croissants!

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