Talia & Ben

Imagine the kind of wedding-baby that two beautiful designers/souls would create.  This wedding is that baby!
Not only did Talia design their invitations, she made her down bouquets and floral arrangements.  Together they styled the whole event and it was truly them.

They hired out a beautiful property in Olinda where they gathered an exclusive guest list of 15 for their vows (a teary affair, on all accounts) and held a light lunch before we braved the rain for some portraits and moved onto their reception – complete with drinks caravan, dance floor, paella and tiny honey pot favours!

Talia is the sister of my RMIT Photography twin, Zarina (I was her first uni friend and we actually squealed when we discovered our birthdays were next to one another on the calendar), so it was an extra special day for me.  To be included in such an intimate ceremony and trusted by three most the most talented, stylish and accomplished people I know was completely humbling.  I’m sure you’ll be able to feel the warmth of these two and their family through these pictures!

In my mind Talia and Ben got everything right. I will never forget this wedding as long as I live and it’s my absolute pleasure to share it with you now!


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