Hi, hello!  Thank you for visiting my little picture journal.  I apologise for this first post being huge, but also I don't apologise because this is my little picture journal and I think that this post is well worth being my first!  

After many-a-year collectively lived in Victoria my darling housemates and I decided it was finally time to take a small trip to Hobart.  We hired a car (whom we affectionately named Carol), and the most gorgeous little Air B&B in North Hobart.  

We flew in early in the morning, hence the shots of the sun rising over the Bass Straight, kicked about the city after a coffee and then drove Carol out to catch the ferry to Bruny Island.  After a long drive and some beautiful scenery we jumped into the cold ocean to wake ourselves up before we lead ourselves hurriedly into a wine, beer and cheese bliss.  Heaven.  

The following day we took it easy and enjoyed browsing the local produce at the IGA down the road (also heaven).  We strolled through Salamanca Market and at sunset Carol took us up to Mount Wellington lookout for a snowy surprise!  We finished up with a great pub meal, an even greater gig and then the greatest dance moves that I'm sure ever graced a Hobartian dance floor (not pictured).  

Luckily enough, we visited during the opening weekend of MONA's new exhibition Origins of Art, (which, by the way, is spectacular) so entry was free and the wonderful Kate Miller-Heidke was there to perform.  I was too immersed in the art, beer and Kate to photograph much but what you will see below is one of the beautiful MONA resident chickens, which was a definite highlight of my visit to MONA, so enjoy that.  

All that came out of my mouth for three days was "Hobart is so coooooool."  It was a serious 10/10 so if you've contemplated going, like I have, and put it off for ages, like I have, I can't recommend enough that you just freakin' go.  Hobart.  MONA chickens.  10/10.