To pay the bills I freelance in photographing real estate.  This mainly involves driving across the city to a property and waiting until the sun goes down to take some dusky photographs of the house.  Generally I think most people mentally check-out when I mention this is what I do for work, but I actually love it.  Each job is like a mini-adventure where I get to explore a new house and garden.  I love talking with people about their homes, how long they've lived there and where they'll be going next.  

The main problem I have with this work is that it requires me to be occupied over sunset, photographing homes instead of anything else; and if you don't know already let me tell you that photographers like sunset.  Not just sunsets, but the hour leading up and and falling away from sunset - it's when the light of the day looks its best!  

Over the past year I've been driving home from jobs in the dark, lamenting that I've missed my favourite hour of the day for photographing (and in the middle of summer, also hanging out with my friends!) and that as I race down the highway eager to get home I barely see or appreciate the sky turning from dark blue to darker blue, with all the reds, oranges and pinks in between.  Recently though, I've taken my time getting to and from jobs and allowing myself a little while to stroll around and soak up the warmer weather and beautiful light.  These are just a few photos I've taken recently on my way to and from work.  I really love these shots because they've given me a new appreciation for the fact that even though it's getting dark I am out of the house and in places I wouldn't normally be, and I do have my camera with me, and most importantly they remind me that you need to make the most of what you've got.