holiday season

Happy new year!  I hope everyone had wonderful celebrations over the holidays and a lovely start to 2017.

I moved to Melbourne in 2013 from my NSW hometown of both Mark Webber and George Lazenby* fame.  It’s not like I moved across the globe like my brother, or even over to Perth which as we know is a whole two timezones away; but an 8 hour drive home makes popping into my parents place for the weekend kind of difficult.  While I was finishing my degree last year I didn’t go home once, so after I finished my studies I decided to head back for a couple of weeks.  

Most of the photos here are from a trip we all took further up the NSW coast to visit my godmother in my mother's hometown.  My parents are my favourite people which has meant that I adore all of their friends, who in their own ways have also loved me, cared for me and contributed to what I’m all about today.  My godmother is definitely one of these special people and I think we share a tiny bit more of a special bond because we also share the same birthday!  

This trip definitely revealed and affirmed a few things for me.  Those that have been affirmed are: my incredibly confusing combination of total adoration for and fear of horses, my mother’s juggling prowess and also her competitive streak.  Those that have been revealed are: the extent of my mother’s competitive streak and also the fact that she’s a total horse-wisperer.  Who’d have guessed?  

*[I think we’re all a little less proud of this one, (he knows what he did), but at least you will know the name!]