sureen & daniel [mornington, vic]

My family had two pet dogs when I was growing up.  The first came into our family when I was around 4 years old.  She was a something crossed with something and then something else again, and she had the most beautiful heart.  Our first family dog - she was the protector and guardian.  The second was a pure-bred Lhasa Apso who was lovingly abandoned with us by my Mum’s boss when I was 11.  His name was Mogul. No joke.

Go and look up a picture of a Lhasa Apso and mentally apply the name ‘Mogul’ to whatever comes up in Google and see if that clues you onto the kind of personality this thing had.  Yep.  His favourite place to relax was in doorways.  His second was on one of my pillows he repurposed as a little bed for himself which he positioned under the desk in my room.  A precious animal, he would take offense to the proximity of your toes as you walked past this space and snap at your ankles.  Bless.  But when you picked him up his muscles gave way like a rag doll and he was happy to be cuddled and carried around, so to a teen girl he was essentially a living stuffed animal. I adored him, despite his attitude. Fluffy lap doggos melt me.

Imagine my delight when half-an-hour into my client meeting (read: wine) with Sureen and Daniel that Sureen whipped out her phone to begin showing me photos of their ring-bearer to be, Coco.   A little fluffy pup after my own heart!  Forget the gorgeous couple and incredible location they’d booked - Coco was the deal-sealer of this job -  this wedding had to be mine!  And it was!  

Sureen and Daniel married at Polperro Winery on the peninsular surrounded by their friends and family, Sureen’s family (including Grandma!) having travelled from Malaysia to attend.  They could not have asked for a more perfect Spring afternoon.  The sky was clear, the sun was shining, Coco waited patiently until her big moment when she delivered their new rings and then the three of us wondered around the vineyard to take some family portraits.  Granted, this blog post is not really Coco-heavy, but I'm hoping that some lush locations, a cool-looking Daniel and a stunning Sureen will make up for the lack of adorable pup.  Let me know if they do!