Chloe & Liam

This Torquay wedding was simply divine.  The energy, the styling, the locations –  just wait until you see the ceremony venue!

I have never, ever in my life seen anyone as excited as Chloe was that day.  Look through these photos and you will see what I mean!  Her smile didn’t even falter when she had to go on poop-patrol (photos not included here!) so we could take photos in her backyard – a task she performed both graciously and gracefully.

The Groomsmen were also serious troopers, jumping into action when we realised none of us had any idea how to attach a boutonniere to a shirt instead of a suit jacket.  It’s embarrassing (but hopefully endearing) to admit that we watched more than two Youtube videos to train for the task.  Everyone had their own technique and we got there in the end, phew!

Now onto that ceremony venue.  An outdoor chapel overlooking the ocean – can you imagine?   Luckily for us the grey sky receded after the ceremony and left us with the most beautiful warm and clear afternoon.  The reception was held at The Farmer’s Place where the guests could mingle, basketball, dance and mini-cheesecake indulge the night away.  Then enter the usual suspects: laughter, dancing, speeches, merriment…a conga-train…Mr Trump?

I don’t know what more I can say, apart from a big thank you and congratulations to Chloe and Liam!  I’m going to let the photos do the talking from here on.

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